AgrarIngenieurBuero Dr. Alexandra Tomerius

Professional Consulting and Training Courses in Plant Breeding

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Breeding schemes are generally very complex, their optimization in the field thus hardly possible. Model calculations and computer simulations predicting the expected selection gain are a valuable tool to increase the efficiency of conventional breeding schemes or to find an optimum way of using new technologies (e.g. doubled haploids, genetic markers). They allow to optimize a scheme 'per se' and to compare alternative schemes under various assumptions.

Use my know-how to boost your breeding success! My consulting services include:

- Detailed analysis of existing / alternative breeding schemes - Development of software tailor-made to answer your questions using data relating to your specific breeding process - Elaboration of an individual strategy to increase YOUR breeding efficiency - On demand: Creation of strategies for the optimum use of genetic markers

The whole consulting process is strictly confidential, of course, and carried out in close cooperation with the breeders involved!

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